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Common Dental Emergencies and Their Professional Treatments

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No matter how much you try to maintain good oral hygiene and protect your oral health, dental emergencies are possible to occur unexpectedly. A dental emergency can make you significantly shocked and anxious as they usually happen at the worst time and place possible. Hence, it’s necessary to know how to deal with them to preserve your oral health and keep your smile shiny. We have the most experienced and skilled emergency dental team at Leslie North Dental  to provide our patients with the best services and save their attractive smiles in the safest ways possible. During a dental emergency, staying calm and conscious is the most important thing to preserve the damaged teeth. You need to manage the situation to make the wisest decision and increase the chance of saving your oral health. Otherwise, other serious complications are possible, and your condition gets worse. Therefore, we highly recommend gaining basic information about emergency dentistry to save your smile in such urgent situations. Here we explain common dental emergencies and how to address them in the most appropriate way.


Fractured Tooth: One of the most common dental emergencies is a cracked or fractured tooth that can lead to severe oral issues if left untreated. If you notice your tooth is fractured, you should visit an emergency dentist in order to prevent gum issues and infection. Your emergency dentist can use a dental crown to repair your fractured tooth perfectly.


Dislodged Dental Filling: Tooth fillings are the most common dental restoration usually used to repair a decayed tooth. In such cases, you should visit your emergency dentist to replace your dental filling to prevent further problems. Your emergency dentist may refer you to a cosmetic dentist if you need additional dental services to enhance your smile appearance.


Impacted Wisdom Tooth: The last morals in your mouth are called wisdom teeth, that usually need to be removed. If you avoid wisdom tooth extraction, you may experience complications like tooth misalignment, crowding or teeth shifting. So, you have no choice but to go for other costly procedures like orthodontic treatments to restore your beautiful smile.


Knocked-out Tooth: One of the most severe dental emergencies is a knocked-out tooth that requires immediate dental care. Timeliness is the most critical factor in saving a knocked-out tooth. If you don’t visit your emergency dentist on time, you have no choice but to use tooth implants or partial dentures to replace your missing tooth.

Tooth Pain: If you feel sharp and continuous pain in your mouth, you should make an appointment to see your emergency dentist as soon as possible. Severe tooth pain can be the result of root exposure, tooth decay or a cracked tooth. Therefore, procedures like root canal therapy are required to restore your oral health. Your emergency dentist can use dentistry technologies like X-ray images to detect the cause of your tooth pain and start the treatment.

Remember to visit our trustworthy emergency dentists once you notice any suspicious symptoms.


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