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Damaged or missing teeth can risk your oral health and significantly impact your self-confidence and overall quality of life. However, there is good news: dental crowns and bridges offer an effective and long-lasting solution. At Family Dentistry, we have gathered a group of dedicated dental experts in a modern high-tech clinic in North York. Using the highest quality materials, we try to ensure both strength and a natural look for your teeth and a seamless brilliance for your smile.

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    What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

    In the realm of dental care, think of crowns and bridges as the fighters for your teeth. They don not just restore your teeth; they refresh your smile, boost your confidence, and enhance simple joys like talking and eating.

    Dental Crowns: The Protective Shields

    Dental crowns, often referred to as “caps,” are custom-made covers designed to protect weak or damaged teeth. These pearl-white tooth-shaped caps act as helmets for your teeth. Crowns are useful and can be used for various reasons:

    • After a Root Canal: To strengthen a tooth left breakable by the procedure.
    • Decayed Teeth: To provide a new surface.
    • Broken Teeth: To restore shape and function.
    • Beautifying Reasons: To cover discolored or twisted teeth.

    Dental Bridges: The Gap Fillers

    Dental bridges serve as the ideal solution for missing teeth. These implant teeth, also known as dental pontics, are fastened in place by crowns attached to in-line healthy teeth. This procedure restores your ability to chew, talk, and give you a natural-looking smile.


    The Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

    • Natural Appearance: Dental bridges are custom-made to match the color, shape, and size of your existing teeth.
    • Strength: Made from high-quality materials like porcelain or ceramic, they are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.
    • Enhanced Functionality: If you have had difficulty eating or speaking due to damaged or missing teeth, crowns and bridges can effectively resolve these issues.
    • Oral Health: Crowns act as protective barriers, preventing further damage to weakened teeth, while bridges help maintain the alignment of the remaining teeth.

    The Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

    The journey to your restored smile begins with an in-depth consultation. Our dental experts will assess your oral health and discuss your specific needs. This is followed by:

    • Preparation: First of all, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create your customized artificial teeth.
    • Temporary Solutions: While you are waiting for the final crown or bridges, temporary crowns or bridges might be installed as placeholders.
    • Final Fitting: Once your custom-made crowns and bridges are ready, they are precisely fitted and adjusted for optimal comfort and function.

    Maintenance and Care

    By following some easy principles, you can ensure the longevity of your dental crowns and bridges is straightforward. Maintain your regular oral health routine of timely brushing and flossing, and don not forget those dental check-ups. Be careful about foods or habits that could damage your new dental work, such as biting on hard objects.

    Ready for a Dental Transformation?

    Crowns and bridges offer a comprehensive, long-lasting solution for various dental issues. Whether you are looking to protect a weakened tooth, replace a missing one, or simply desire a more appealing and pleasing smile, our team of dental experts is eager to assist you on your journey to a healthier, happier smile. Contact us today to take the first step.

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