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Dental Emergency Never Knocks

A severe toothache, a broken or chipped tooth, and any other kind of injury in your mouth can be shocking and intimidating. These issues should also be dealt with as fast as possible to prevent further complications. Our dental clinic in North York offers same-day appointments to make sure you and your family receive quality treatment when you need it the most.

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    When Is It an Emergency?

    A dental emergency normally accompanies several obvious alarming signs, such as persistent or severe pain, excessive bleeding, acute swelling, cuts, or wounds. These symptoms may appear any time of the day and create great pain and discomfort. What sets a dental emergency apart from other issues is that it requires immediate care and attention. Therefore, if you are facing any of the following dental problems, consider contacting an emergency clinic:
    • Severe Toothache
    • Broken or Chipped Tooth
    • Knocked-out Tooth
    • Abscess
    • Lost Filling
    • Soft Tissue Injury

    Severe Toothache

    Prolonged and/or acute dental pain is the most common sign of a dental emergency. This pain, which may sometimes come with inflammation, generally indicates extensive tooth decay and cannot be easily managed with over-the-counter painkillers. To protect your oral health when facing an excruciating toothache, reach out to the nearest emergency dental clinic and request a same-day appointment.

    Broken or Chipped Tooth

    Biting on hard food, an accident, or any other strong impact can leave you with a broken smile and cause pain and bleeding. You can gently rinse your mouth at home and try putting gauze on your injured gum and contacting an emergency dentist as soon as possible to save your precious smile.

    Knocked-out Tooth

    A knocked-out tooth requires immediate attention because it runs the risk of losing a tooth, which could be saved if it received emergency care. You should try to reach a dental office in about an hour, but before that, you can carefully rinse your tooth for a few seconds and put it back into the socket if possible. Otherwise, keep it in a jar of milk or your own saliva until you visit the dentist.


    Inflammation is not a good sign and may indicate serious issues. These painful swollen spots around gums can spread into other tissues like your jaw and neck if they are not dealt with on time. So, if you are facing these symptoms, scheduling a same-day appointment with an emergency dentist is the best decision to preserve your oral health. Also, for temporary relief, you can use a cold compress or rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.

    Lost Filling

    A lost filling is a serious dental problem because it poses a real threat to the tooth that has already been damaged. If left untreated, your now fragile tooth may break beyond repair or be infected and cause more complicated dental issues. As a result, seeking emergency dental care is a must. Also, do not forget to treat your tooth with precaution until you visit the emergency dentist, avoid biting on hard food, and try using a piece of chewing gum as temporary protection.

    Soft Tissue Injury

    Extensive bleeding as a result of a cut or wound in the mouth is horrifying and should be treated immediately. Try to keep your composure and contact the emergency dental clinic near your area. To manage the bleeding, put and press gauze on the bleeding site. Remember to avoid drinking, eating, or smoking to prevent infection or other complications. Book a same-day appointment to visit a dentist as early as possible.

    Modern Emergency Clinic in North York

    Having immediate access to quality dental care in times of emergency can be difficult. The team of Family Dentistry is ready to provide same-day appointments in North York and the surrounding area. Our modern dental clinic in Finch and Weston is equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art tools to be able to create a wholesome experience for our valued patients. No matter what your emergency is, we strive to meet all your needs with the highest quality and try to offer a pain and anxiety-free dental treatment to you and your lovely family.

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